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Awakening the Classic Poise - Hong Kong Men’s Cheongsam making Technique and Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Exhibition

Hong Kong Cheongsam Making Technique is an important intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of Hong Kong.  In June 2021, this traditional craftsmanship was inscribed onto the National List of Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, indicating its high cultural value and the urgent need for preservation.

With support from the ICH funding scheme of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the School of Fashion and Textiles of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is conducting a research project titled The Craftsmanship of Hong Kong Men’s Cheongsam – Archive, Analysis, Inheritance, and Implementation.  The project aims to systematically document and analyse the traditional craftsmanship of Hong Kong men’s cheongsam.  The research findings are expected to be favourable to the transmission of the ICH and the corresponding practice, and hence, contribute to its protection.

This exhibition resonates the research seminar titled Awakening the Classic Poise: Hong Kong Men’s Cheongsam Making Technique and Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Seminar and showcases over twenty exquisite men's cheongsams. The exhibition is divided into four sections based on the structures of the exhibits, namely 'Unlined', 'Lined', 'Fur-lined', and 'Padded', introducing the sophisticated craftsmanship and the grand authentic form of various types of men's cheongsam, and thereby, continues the classic.


蒙康樂及文化事務署轄下的非物質文化遺產辦事處的資助計劃資助,香港理工大學時裝及紡織學院正以「香港中式男裝長衫工藝 - 記錄、分析、傳承及實踐」為題立檔研究。計劃旨在有系統地記錄及分析香港中式男裝長衫工藝,期望研究所得可應用於傳承及相關實踐,為保護本港非遺作出貢獻。


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School of Fashion and Textiles, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Hong Kong Cheongsam Association

The Fashion Gallery, School of Fashion and Textiles, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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