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Let Fashion Speak! - Solo Exhibition of Helen Pun
“時尚物語” - 潘靜怡個人展覽

This exhibition seeks to weave contemporary art into fashion with a story to tell from each costume or cheongsam presented. Cheongsam is synonymous of our oriental roots, a garment akin to our second skin. It is also a symbol of our cultural values that are to be preserved and embraced. Each work attempts to connect particular features of a cheongsam to history, memories, human aspirations, and the imaginary future. “Let Fashion Speak” interprets the space for fashion art, an identity to be redefined in the aura of contemporary art.

<時尚物語> 展出的每套服飾取材自不同的故事,歷史背景及創作者本身的生活體驗及聯想。作品通過不同的布料運用及物料探索,展示獨立的設計概念。創作者以長衫的基本原素作為創作基礎,通過當代藝術的手法展現東方文化與不同藝術及美學風格的交融,表達箇中的故事及情感的抒發。

Organiser 主辦單位

The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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