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Kinor Jiang: Cloth / Landscape
姜綬祥: 布/山水

"Cloth / Landscape", the installation artwork collection, is an art experimental exploration with metallic cloths designed by Kinor Jiang over the past 20 years. Different from previous works, metal-plated fabrics and garments tailor-made of them are presented here as elements of the installations, in order to convey the meaning underneath the clothing and to render the concept beyond the cloth.


Academic Advisors 學術顧問

Guangqing Wei 魏光慶, Haiyan Wu 吳海燕

Exhibition Consultants 展覽顧問

Hung Keung 洪強, Xiaoding Wang 王小丁, Yang Yang 楊陽

Curator 策展人

Xiaodong Shi 史小冬

Exhibition Manager

Yuki Cheng 鄭潔兒

Curatorial Assistants 策展助理

Qingxin Peng 彭青歆, Jiangtao Xu 徐江濤

Exhibition Assistants 展覽助理

Hing Nga Cheng 鄭馨雅

Cheng Cheng 程騁

Ching Man Chung 鍾靖雯

Shiyuan Deng 鄧施遠

Wei Gao 高偉

Sheng Qiu 邱聖

Shu Sun 孫舒

Yuxiang Wang 王宇翔

YishuYan 嚴宜舒

Tianhong Yang 楊天紅

Zitong Zhao 趙梓彤

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