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Intimate Apparel & Activerwear Collections

This specialism aims to provide students with the necessary academic and practical knowledge of contour fashion and activewear, including the integration of design and technology aspects. Students are guided to attain first-hand experience of the latest technologies, modern materials and industrial practice. With increasing trend of well-being and work life balance with strong demand of athleisure apparel products, new subject contents such as technical design and skills required for a wider range of sportswear products are developed to strengthen students’ hands-on opportunities for pattern design and garment fit, and in-depth technical knowledge for activewear design.


Angel CHAN


Daisy CHOY

Joey LAM

Sum Yu LEE


Jasmine LIU

Sefina MUI

Eloise WONG

Rainie WONG

Shams WONG

Charlotte  YU

Harriet YU


School of Fashion and Textiles, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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