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Fingertip Art — Zhou Xueqing’s Embroidery Art Exhibition





Embroidery is also known as ‘Stitching Flower’, which is the treasure of Chinese Craftmanship that has been passed on generation to generation for more than 2,000 years.

The exhibition title is ‘Fingertip Art’, showcasing Prof. Xueqing Zhou’s embroidery works. The exhibition mainly presents the embroidery art, and together with embroidery garments and accessories. The theme of exhibits spans from ancient painting ‘Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk’ to contemporary painting ‘Untitled’; the categories include human figures, animals, flowers and etc; in terms of embroidery techniques, the exhibition contains traditional Cantonese Embroidery, Suzhou Embroidery, and the Embroidery with Snowflake stitch method created by the artist. For the embroidery garments, the luxurious qungua ‘The Emperor Qungua’ and the subtly embroidered qipao are complimentary to each other.

The artist expresses her affection on delivering the Intangible Cultural Heritage through various works, presenting a small but exquisite exhibition and brings the audience to the Chinese cultural high ground through the time machine of the history of embroidery.

Organisers 主辦單位

Zhongshan Polytechnic (Shaxi Textiles and Apparel)

ZhouXueQing Embroidery Art Work Room

The Fashion Gallery, School of Fashion and Textiles, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

中山職業技術學院 (沙溪紡織服裝學院)



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