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Costume of Warmth - Photography Exhibition
暖衣 - 相片展覽

“Costume of Warmth” is an apparel photography installation exhibition that is dedicated to the cultural exchange of countries along the countries of the Belt and Road Initiatives, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine.  The exhibition was curated with a balance of regional zoning as well as the conceptual zoning.  The walking path of viewing follows the trip from Ukraine, to Russia, Mongolia, China Mainland and Hong Kong, China.  Concurrently, the path also follows the concept of “garments that keep you warm,” “garments that warm your heart,” and “garments that get you excited.”  We hope you enjoy this exhibition and in the coming years, we shall continue with the themes of “food, house, and transportation.”

Academic Advisors: Guangqing Wei, Haiyan Wu

Exhibition Consultants: Hung Keung, Xiaoding Wang, Yang Yang

Curator: Xiaodong Shi

Exhibition Manager: Yuki Cheng

Curatorial Assistants: Qingxin Peng, Jiangtao Xu

Exhibition Assistants: Hing Nga Cheng, Cheng Cheng, Ching Man Chung, Shiyuan Deng, Wei Gao, Sheng Qiu, Shu Sun, Yuxiang Wang, YishuYan, Tianhong Yang, Zitong Zhao



策  展  人:史小冬




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