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LOOK LOOP: Transitional Knitting - Research Work by Yishu Yan 
2020.06.01 - 

Organiser: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Advisors: Kinor Jiang, Jin-yun Zhou 

Curator: Qingxin Peng 

Manager: Yuki Cheng 

Introduction | 展覽介紹

Yishu Yan is pursuing a kind of fashion design, which is not only in modern look that can be modelled to various silhouettes, but also adapts to our daily life that is convenient to carry and easy care. Based on this concept, she proposes an idea of transitional fashion and accomplish with a designer-lead and flexible technology called “Digital knitting”, that is the core of her PhD research.

Loop is a basic structure in knitting, while the specific technology Yishu employed is also developed from a basic knitting technology. The exhibition titled in “LOOK LOOP” tries to echo the origin of knitting design and showing the possibility of working on fashion designs deriving from research findings. During her PhD research study, she focused on the knitting essence and conducted a lot of experimental works to reveal and quantify the variants in which parameters can form what kind of texture effect. This requires her to deeply understand multi-disciplines knowledge in knitting technology, textile design, fashion design and digitalised operating process. A series of textile pieces she fabricated based on her research are presenting in the exhibition and displaying in different methods in order to demonstrate the aesthetics and features of the textiles such as 3D texture, stretchy, transformable.

This is the first time; the gallery presents an exhibition in a totally online format. We did an experiment to explore an optimised way to transfer the site-exhibition to online-based platform by adopting several digital tools. Besides simply reflected the offline exhibition to online form, we attempted to detect the possibility of enriching the exhibition contents via online exhibition from different perspectives as well. With the internet benefits, we would like to involve more audiences in the exhibition to view these creative knitting works and interact with us. It is hoped this experimental exhibition can be a pathfinder to promote the researched innovative textiles and fashions in digital ways.

Designer Statement | 設計師的話

Transition and transformation of textiles in alternative dimensions is a key topic that constantly attracting my interest. When the fabrics return to its original state, stepping back from its initial design propose and existing as a piece of cloth, it becomes possible for them to convert into a kind of adaptable form. The surroundings such as gravity, light, and even airflow could play as the motivation or the carrier to rebuild a new dimension of them. In this state, the fabrics could research a certain balance, alerting between dynamic and static, stretchable and three-dimensional textured. 

The works presented in this exhibition are raised from my PhD research regarding digital knitting and transitional fashion. The three-years research and practice integrating technology and design in textile and clothing evokes me to think from a new perspective and has become a rare experience in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Chief-supervisor, Prof. Kinor Jiang, for his patient guidance in design, my Co-supervisor, Dr Jin-yun Zhou, for his continued technical support, the doctoral scholarship provided by ITC, PolyU, and my family and friends who always support and love me. 

Exhibition Photos | 展覽圖片


Collection 1 - White | 系列一 - 白


Collection 2 - Yellow | 系列二 - 黃


Collection 3 - Red | 系列三 - 紅


Collection 4 - Blue | 系列四 - 藍










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