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Renaissance of Fashion


31.08.2015 – 25.09.2015

OrganiserThe Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Co-organiser: Festival International Des of Textiles Extra Ordinaries

Curators: Kinor Jiang, Christine Athenor

Designers: Francoise Hoffmann (France) [collection: Mouzon La Saga]

                  Carmen Rion (Mexico) [collection: Capullo Collection] 

                  Patis Tesoro( Pilipinas) [collection: Upcycling Pina]



協辦單位:Festival International Des of Textiles Extra Ordinaries

策展人:姜綬祥,克莉絲汀 阿迪娜

參展藝術家:Francoise Hoffmann (法國) [collection: Mouzon La Saga]

                      Carmen Rion (墨西哥) [collection: Capullo Collection] 

                      Patis Tesoro (菲律賓) [collection: Upcycling Pina]

Introduction | 展覽介紹

Renaissance has been pushing up designers’ passion and creating excellent expression exploring local heritage around the world. By inviting Francoise Hoffmann (France), Carmen Rion (Mexico), and Patis Tesoro (Philippines) from three continents, who have their own vision of fashion, this exhibition showcases their works, lifestyle and national culture through textiles in the same place at the same time.  In order to illustrate how they are enduring to bring their preoccupations in design, a dialogue between textile collections and contemporary fashion creations is developed. To transcend the extraordinary ideas and make what no one had before, the exhibits offer a subtle experience designed to refresh our vision of the world and of Man.


文藝復興運動推高了世界各地的設計師探索自己地域文化遺產的熱情。來自三大洲的服裝設計師Francoise Hoffmann (法國),Carmen Rion (墨西哥),Patis Tesoro (菲律賓) 以獨特的創造力及個性化的設計,分享她們對時裝及傳統紡織文化的想像力。雖然設計師的文化背景迥異,我們仍可在展出的作品之間找到共同的時尚因素,進而產生當代時尚創意的聯想。超越平凡的追求和前人沒有的個性化元素,展覽讓我們重新認識各種寶貴文化遺產的價值,也為我們帶來新的啟示。

Photographs | 現場圖片

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