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MA Graduation Exhibition 2016

文學碩士畢業作品展 2016


02.06.2016 – 28.06.2016

Organisers: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Introduction | 展覽介紹

Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC) showcased the creative works of its 26 graduating students of the Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design. They each presented a collection of eight outfits designed under the themes chosen by themselves. The exhibition demonstrated the students’ innovation and creativity inspired by their personal visions.

The Fashion Gallery organised “MA Graduation Exhibition 2016” which took place from 1 to 28 June and showcased the works of 26 MA graduating students.  Each student presented a collection of eight outfits designed under self-selected themes. This exhibition demonstrated the innovation and creativity of the students when inspired by their own personal vision.  Representatives of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association were invited to select the nine best students who would take part in the graduation fashion show held during Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer on 6 July.


Photographs | 現場圖片

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