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06.03.2017 – 13.04.2017

Organisers: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, 

                    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

                    Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

Curator: Kinor Jiang




Introduction | 展覽介紹

This sole exhibition will display a series of Professor Li’s art pieces since 1990s, including silk tapestry, installation artworks, and fashion artworks. This exhibition will demonstrate the concept of relationships between eastern visual aesthetic and fiber material of fashion that are emphasized by Professor Li as her academic proposition over decades through a diversified perspective. These artworks are not only embodied her pursuit of the implication of traditional eastern aesthetics, but also emphasize the modern aesthetics ideas such as “inner space”, “vanity”, “ambiguity” and “2-dimensional space”.


Moreover, the exhibition is also demonstrating the fusion and extension between the contemporary character of fashion design and the expression of medium. Highlighting the unique artistry and academic points through the collections such as “Night and Day”, “The Green Landscape”. “To inspire fashion design with the artist angle, to revalue business with art and to highlight the purity and artistry in the Eastern artwork.” --This is the artistic and unique point of view that Professor Li Wei is trying to convey through this exhibition.


Photographs | 現場圖片

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