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Footwear design and Art 2011

22.06.2011 – 26.07.2011

Organiser: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Curators: Ameersing Luximon and other artists


​策展人:Ameersing Luximon and other designers

Introduction | 展覽介紹

The limits and boundaries of footwear design and art is getting blurred. Sometime footwear is designed just to be worn once or sometime never – just to be displayed as an art piece. In this footwear design and art exhibition, we are exploring the limits of footwear in terms of design concepts, materials, technology, and creative elements.


Several artists will participate in this exhibition, showing their most innovative footwear. The artist will explore different aspects of footwear design and art in terms of materials, technology, graphic design and 3D digital shoe concepts. 

Photographs | 現場圖片

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