Fairview Frame

“錦繡流芳” 陶立成的光影世界繪畫藝術展


13.07.2015 – 14.08.2015

Organiser: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Curator: Kinor Jiang

Curating Assistants: Yuki Cheng, Qingxin Peng





Introduction | 展覽介紹

What is Fairview Frame? That is To Lap Shing's re-born from a printing and dyeing engineer to an artist, he tried to express his thinking about beauty through the paintings. Mr. To graduated from The Central Academy of Arts and Design (Now is Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University). After moving to Hong Kong in 1986, he engaged in business of figured cloth design and printing process for living. He picked painting up again, Mr. To transforms his living tips over past thirty years into his painting; there are vivid colors, silky stream, phantom, and interplanetary elements, presenting an extraordinary visual sense and spaciousness. It is life that nourishes art, and the art enriches our life in turn.


何謂錦繡流芳?概因陶立成從印染工程師兌變為油畫藝術家,創作的作品不忘自己的美的思考。傾心於絲綢般的品質,色度、光影和空間透露出他尋求新表現形式的藝術秉持。陶立成畢業於中央工藝美術學院(現為清華大學美術學院),1986年移居香港後, 他一直從事花布設計和印染加工的工作。經印染設計生產專業30年後,陶立成拿起畫筆, 將工作中體驗到的織物語境融入畫中, 自然的色彩、裝飾的構圖,抽象的幻影, 作品有超越二維布面的視覺感受。藝術源於生活,對陶立成而言,紡織設計的經歷是他藝術創作的不二源泉。


Photographs | 現場圖片

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