Design of 3-d Impact Protector for Excellent Performance Sportswear

26.06.2012 – 18.07.2012

Organiser: The Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Curators: Hu Hong and Li Li



Introduction | 展覽介紹

Impact protector is a kind of energy absorbing and/or impact spreading material integrated or inserted in clothing or protective equipment specially designed for protecting human body from impact stroke, blows or falls. The areas of the body for protection are those which are at greatest risk of impact in case of accidents, including head, shoulder, elbow and forearm, hip, knee, leg, upper and middle tibia. Different kinds of impact protectors have been widely used in “traumatic” sports such as motorcycling, cycling, horse riding, skiing, skating, skateboarding and snowboarding; contact sports such as rugby, hockey, basketball, football, handball and wrestling; as well as other cases such as martial arts, medical devices, construction, industrial and skilled trades work, etc. This research is aim to develop a collect of excellent performance sportswear including Skating etc.


Photographs | 現場圖片

Photographs | 現場圖片