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The Fashion Gallery

Established in 2009, The Fashion Gallery is the only gallery of its kind in the region, devoted to the exhibition of Fashion and Textiles. Regular exhibitions at The Fashion Gallery are open to public, special fashion events and many other sources of information are displayed on site for inspiration, creating an open forum and dialogue with the large design community.



服裝館成立於2009年,是本地唯一一個致力於有關時裝展覽的展廳 — 展示著東方與西方,從過去到現在,從知名以至新進的藝術家的作品。各類有關時裝的資詢陳列於展館內,而定期的展覽是免費對大眾開放的。此外,展廳亦會舉辦不同類型的時尚活動,給予業界和學生一個獲取靈感的地方以及提供了一個設計交流的平台。

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